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Any files selected in the File List view are displayed in the Contents view. When searching through the contents of the files then the contents found in the selected files are also displayed. To select all the files click Select All from the Edit menu.




Hits tab


By default selected files (and content hits) and shown in the Hits tab. Lines that contain the search text are shown with the search text highlighted in the appropriate color.


The highlight color is blue, by default, but this can be changed to any color through Set Highlight Colour on the Edit menu.


Note: When displaying file contents the line number of each line found within the file is also displayed. This line number is estimated by counting end of line markers within the file and therefore if the file contains non-text information then the line numbers may not be accurate.




The Hits tab can be printed by selecting the 'File->Print...' menu option.





The reports tab provides a different view of the found data, which is easier to copy, save to a file, and print.





Hiding/Docking the View


If displaying of content information is not important then it is often more efficient to hide the contents view, especially with very large file selections. To hide the contents view either select 'Hide Contents View' from the Contents View context menu or select the 'Window->Contents View->Hide' menu option.


To display the contents view below the file list view either select 'Dock Below' from the Contents View context menu or select the 'Window->Contents View->Dock Below' menu option.


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