Shell Integration Settings

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Shell integration settings control how Agent Ransack integrates into the Window shell.




Associate with SRF file type

Associates Agent Ransack with the extension SRF, the default extension for a Agent Ransack saved result file. When set double-clicking on an SRF file will launch Agent Ransack with the given SRF criteria file loaded.

Add to a Folder's context menu

Adds Agent Ransack to the context menu of folders and drives. This provides a convenient way to launch Agent Ransack for a given folder through right-clicking on the folder and selecting 'Agent Ransack...' from the context menu.

Add to a File's context menu

Adds Agent Ransack to the context menu of files.

Replace default Explorer Search

Launches Agent Ransack, instead of Windows Search, when Ctrl+F or F3 is pressed in Windows Explorer.


UAC Note: Since changing shell settings requires administrative privileges Agent Ransack launches a separate application, ShellAdmin.exe, to actually make the shell changes. ShellAdmin.exe requires privilege escalation and therefore displays a UAC escalation request if UAC is enabled.

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