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Searches that are performed frequently can be saved as Favorites. Favorites are saved searches that can be quickly loaded into the search panel for easy movement between different search types.


To access the Favorites functionality click the Favorite button on the toolbar (or press Ctrl+D):




This will open the Favorites pane and display any previously saved favorites.





Adding a Favorite


To add a new favorite click the Add Favorite toolbar button:




which will open the Add a Favorite dialog:




There are two values to associate with the favorite:



A short meaningful description of the favorite


(Optional) Tags that can be used to help group favorites and aid favorite filtering



Managing Favorites


When you click on a favorite it will be loaded into the current search window. To load the favorite into a new search window open the favorite's context menu and click 'Open in New Window'.




To filter the number of favorites displayed enter search terms in the 'Search' box. Any favorites that include all the terms in either the Description or Tags (or combination of both) will be displayed.



Importing Favorites


Favorites are simply saved searches, ie SRF files, with just a little extra meta data for the description and tags. Therefore you can import existing SRF files as favorites by copying them into the Favorites folder. To open the Favorites folder click on the Open Favorites Folder toolbar button:





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