Compressed Files

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FileLocator Network can search through various compressed/archive formats.





To specify that FileLocator Network should search through a given compressed/archive file type simply check the box next to the extensions name. To have the extension apply to other file types add the extension to the list of file types.


Safe Mode


An extension is normally run in the same process space as the FileLocator Network Search Agent, since it is the fastest way to communicate with the extension. However, running the extension in the same process space does mean that if the extension has a catastrophic failure it can crash the Search Agent. To avoid crashing the Search Agent troublesome extensions can be run in 'Safe Mode', which causes them to run in their own process space, but it does mean that using the extension may slow the Search Agent.


Search Raw Data


If an extension is not active then FileLocator Network will try and search the underlying raw data of the file. For compressed or encrypted file types this may be pointless. To specify that FileLocator Network should not search the raw data of the given type uncheck the 'Search raw data' check box .


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