- 7 -

7-bit character searching

- A -

Administrative share search

Administrative shares (C$,D$ etc)

How it Works
Administrative Shares

Advantages/Disadvantages table

AND Boolean operator

Application Error Log

Archive file attribute

Attributes Tab

- B -

Boolean expression

Boolean expression (detail)

Boolean expression options

Boolean RegEx

Boolean RegEx (detail)

Boolean sub expressions

Boost regular expression

- C -

Classic regular expression

Communication configuration

Compressed file attribute

Compressed Files Tab

Compressed results

Computer list filter

Containing text criteria

Containing text script

Content Tab

Copy Files options

Create new search

CSV Export

Custom format

- D -

Date & Time searching

Debug Mode

Delete Files options

Distributed search

Documents Tab

DOS expression

- E -

Encrypted file attribute


EOL Identifiers

Error Log

Excluding locations

Export Results

Exporting security keys

Expression Tab

Expression Types


- F -

File attribute filter

File hash

File Hash expression

File hashing algorithms

File name criteria

File name script

Filter computer list


First time configuration


Folder file attribute

- G -

Generate new keys

Getting started

Group Status





- H -

Hash searching

Hidden file attribute

How it works

HTML Export

- I -

IFilters (switching on or off)

IFilters Tab

Importing security keys

Install as NT Service


IP Address Validation

- L -

LIKE Boolean operator

Location criteria

- M -


Main Tab

Manually Installed


Max lines per file

Maximum concurrent connections

Maximum progress checks per minute


- N -

NEAR Boolean operator

Network Port

Network share

NOT Boolean operator

- O -

Offline file attribute

On Demand

On Demand Search Agent

How it Works
Search Agent

OR Boolean operator


- P -

Perl compatible regular expressions

Perl regular expressions

Preserve folder hierarchy

- R -

Read only file attribute

Reduced network traffic


Registration code

Regular Expression (Boost/Perl)

Regular Expression (Classic)

Regular expression options

Relative date/time searches



- S -

Safe mode option

Scripting Tab

Search Agent

How it Works
Search Agent

Command line parameters

Parameters Wizard

Search Agent (Manual TCP/IP)

How it Works
Search Agent

Search Agent (On Demand)

How it Works
Search Agent

Search Agent executable

Search Criteria

Attributes Tab

Compressed Files Tab

Content Tab

Documents Tab

Expression Tab

IFilters Tab

Main Tab

Scripting Tab

Size & Date Tab

Search Log

Search Manager

Search raw data

Compressed Files

Search Run Results

Search runs on REMOTE computer

Search runs on THIS computer

Search via administrative shares (C$,D$ etc)

How it Works
Administrative Shares

Search via Search Agent process

How it Works
Search Agent

Secure Communication

Security keys

Send To Mythicsoft

Sending search

Server IP Address Validation




Sharing keys

Size & Date Tab

Sparse file attribute

Start Search wizard

Step by step description

Sub expressions

Surrounding lines

System file attribute

- T -

Tab separated Export

Target computer list

Target group management

TCP/IP Search Agent

How it Works
Search Agent

Text Export

- U -

Unix EOL

Use IFilter (if available) option

- W -

Whole Word

Whole word (detail)

Wildcards (Boolean expressions)

- X -

XML Export

XSL Transforms