Boolean Expression Settings

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Boolean expression settings are used to control how the operators LIKE and NEAR behave.





LIKE Sensitivity


The LIKE operator can be configured for different sensitivity when matching search terms to similar words. The possible settings are:


Very similar

Only slight differences in words are accepted, e.g. a single character out of place.


A wider range of similar words will be matched, e.g. for larger words multiple characters can be out of place.


Words only need a very approximate similarity to the search term to match.



NEAR Distance


By default the NEAR operator requires related search terms to be within 100 characters of each other. This can be changed to a user defined limit. The lower the limit then the closer the terms need to be to each other and vice versa.


Please see Boolean Expressions for more information on how to use Boolean Expressions.



Expression Parsing


When pasting an expression into FileLocator Pro from a 3rd party application, such as Microsoft Word, the quotes may appear stylized, e.g. “Tower London” OR “Canary Wharf”. The Process stylized quotes as normal quotes option instructs FileLocator pro to convert those quotes into the standard quotes FileLocator Pro uses to separate expressions, e.g. "Tower London" OR "Canary Wharf".


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