Character Processing Settings

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Character processing settings control how FileLocator Pro handles information found in files.




End of Line (EOL) Identifiers


Defines which other EOL identifiers FileLocator Pro should use. Normally a Windows text file will use a CRLF (carriage return 0x0d, line feed 0x0a) combination to indicate the end of a line. However, other operating systems use different standards, usually either a stand alone CR or a stand alone LF character.


Maximum characters per line - sets the limit to the line length if an EOL character is not found. Lines that exceed the maximum line length are broken into separate lines, although the line number for the line stays the same.





Convert to 7-bit chars - when checked FileLocator Pro only uses the first 7-bits of each data character. Some early word processors reserved the 8th bit of each character for formatting purposes, which if not removed causes problems when searching the data. This setting causes the 8-th bit of every character to be ignored.


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