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To add an existing index click the Add Index button in the Index Manager and select Create a new index option.





Index Name and Store


Index name

The main identifier for the index.


Store Index

The folder where the index data is stored.




Index Content


These settings decide what is included in the index:


Documents/PDF/Text Files

Includes common document types, such as Word, Excel, PDF etc. and regular text files.


Outlook PST/MSG Files

Includes emails from within PST, OST and MSG files. To index the attachments of the emails check the Email attachments option.


Specific files

Other file types that might not be included in the options above. For example to include two extra file types ALT and ALT2 you would add:




Or, if you wanted to ONLY index DOC files you would uncheck the Documents/PDF/Text Files option and add:




Enable case sensitive searching

By default case-sensitive searching is switched off, since case sensitive searching requires the index to include the case-sensitive variants of the same word and therefore increases the size of the index. You can enable case-sensitive searching by checking this option.


Include file names for non-content file types

Includes the file names of all the other files which were found during indexing but didn't have their content indexed. This allows for files to be found by name without requiring their content to also be indexed.



Index Locations


These settings decide which locations will be scanned for valid index content:


Standard document locations

Includes the standard document locations such as Desktop, My Documents, My Music, My Pictures etc.


Specific locations

Other locations to scan for indexable content. To include multiple locations separate them with a semi-colon, e.g.




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