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DOS Expressions use the familiar wildcards * and ? to specify groups of files, e.g. *.pdf to specify a group of files with the PDF extension. However, FileLocator Pro extends the normal DOS expression functionality with some additional special characters:






Matches zero or more characters

Tower*London - file/folder with Tower followed by London in their name.


Matches any single character

*.as?x - files with a four letter extensions that begin with AS and end X, e.g. Page.aspx or Home.ascx.


Start of file indicator

<New - file/folder must begin with New, eg. New York Trip.txt but not My New Recipes.


End of file indicator

LA> - file/folder must end in LA, eg. Parks in LA OR Details.SLA but not LAMP.


Expands search by adding another allowable name/group

*.pdf;*.txt;*.doc - files with PDF, TXT and DOC extension.


Restricts search to only those with a specified name/group

*.pdf;*.doc:London - PDF or DOC files that have London in their name.


Excludes a name/group from the search

NOT:*.dll;*.exe;*.sys - all files except DLL, EXE, and SYS files


Concatenate multiple search expressions

*.pdf:London|*.txt:Tower - PDF files with London in their name OR TXT files with Tower in their name.


Used to either quote semi-colon ';' character or specify word boundary

"LA" - file/folder with the word LA in their name, eg. LA Flight details.txt but not LAMP.txt.



More Examples



Searching For

DOS Expression

Files/folders without any extension


Only files/folders with the specific name Area


PNG, JPG, or BMP files with the word France in them


MP3 files with the word Rolling AND Stone in them


PDF files with either the word London OR Tower in them


All files that are not EXE or DLL files with the word Flower in the name


Any TXT file with a semi-colon in it









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