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FileLocator Pro's reporting feature provides a quick way to export, print and summarize search information. There are four main reports: File List Report, Contents Report, Keywords Summary Report and Keyword by File Report. All the reports can be customized to include/exclude different sections and columns.


File List Report


The File List Report is very similar to the File List View and is only available in a Tabulated style. The report only outputs file information, ie it does not output any of the found content.





Contents Report


The Contents Report is for reporting on the found content. In the Standard style the output looks similar to the output displayed in the Hits tab.




The report can also display information in a Tabulated style, which is better suited if you need to export the information to a spreadsheet application.





Keyword Summary Report


Keyword statistics are displayed in the Keyword Summary Report. Each keyword is displayed along with the total number of occurrences of that keyword found during the search. If the keyword includes wildcard characters then the statistics are broken down into each separate keyword the keyword pattern matches. The keyword breakdown can be disabled by removing the Keyword Hit column.





Keyword by File Report


While the Keyword Summary Report displays combined keyword hit statistics across the whole search the Keyword by File Report breaks down the keyword statistics on a file by file basis.





Report Options


To customize the information shown in each report click the Options button (shown highlighted below).





The Report Options lists the available columns for each report and which headers to display for the report. The options shown below are for the Contents report.






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