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Supplies composite file information for files types such as ZIP, TAR etc.





Closes the composite file.


Extracts the file, specified by its key, to the given path with the given name.


Iterates through the entries in the composite file.


Opens the composite file.


Sets which file the iterator points to.





Composite interpreter rules:

1.Composite interpreters should return each name as the full pathname, within the composite to the file. When the file comes to be displayed file names will be extracted by looking for the last '\'.
2.Composite interpreters should be able to iterate through the entire list irregardless of the internal file hierarchy.
3.Composite interpreters should be able to access a file directly from the key provided during GetNextFileInfo.
4.Only files are ever returned from a composite file, directory entries should be ignored. Composite files within composite files should be returned as files and let core search engine decide that it is actually a container.


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