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File name


The options relating to file name are:


Expression Type

Which can either be:


DOS Expression, e.g. *.txt;*.doc


Regular Expression, e.g. \.(txt|doc)$


Boolean Expression, e.g. .txt OR .doc


Match Case

If checked the file name matching should be case-sensitive.






The content options are:


Expression Type

Which can either be:


Boolean expression, e.g. Mythicsoft AND Search


or, Regular expression: e.g. Mythicsoft.*Search


See Expression Types for more information.


Match Case

If checked the containing text matching should be case-sensitive.





Enhanced Document Searching


Agent Ransack can search all file formats for relevant text by processing the raw binary data from the file. However, for popular Office based formats such as OpenOffice and Microsoft Office Agent Ransack includes additional functionality for enhanced text extraction.


Office/PDF documents

If checked Office files, such as .pdf, .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .ods, .odt, sxw, will be processed using any available IFilters prior to searching.





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