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The Index List shows individual indexes and index groups. Various operations are available for via the toolbars, menus, and keyboard short-cuts:




Edit Index

modify the index parameters


Remove index

remove the index from the list or completely delete the index


Add New Index

create a new index or reference an existing index


Update index

rescan the indexed files look for any changes


Recreate index

delete the index and re-create from scratch


Cancel indexing

Cancel the indexing process currently in operation and rolling back to the previous index state.





Index Details


The index details contains a summary of information about the index and various tabs that drill down on the index information and status to help diagnose issues.


Explore Tab


The Explore tab allows you to view the details for the items in the index. It reads directly from the index and so provides a good indication of what is searchable in the index.





The information available shows the attributes recorded the last time the item was indexed:



Name of the item.



The last modified date.



Size of the item.


Index date

Date item was last indexed.



The number of indexed terms recorded for the item.



Yes/No flag indicating if contents of the item was indexed.


Binary file

Yes/No flag indicating if the item was detected as having non-text content.



Yes/No flag indicating if an error was detected when indexed the item.


Partial Index

Yes/No flag indicating if the item was too large to index and was therefore only partially indexed.



Item attributes, for debugging purposes.



Update Log


The Update Log is a log of files that were indexed, it is not read from the index but from a separate database that monitors the indexing operations. Any file indexing errors are reported here.




The information available shows the important log information for the item:



Item log time



Name of the item



Path to item



Amount of time spent indexing item. This is an indication only and can be skewed by index maintenance tasks that could interrupt indexing.



Size of the item.



Type of index action taken:


Indexed: Item was indexed, including content.

Indexed - Name Only: Only the name of the item was indexed.

Unchanged: Item was unchanged in the last index update and so the content was not re-indexed.



Status of the index operation, either: Success, Warning, Error. See Message column for more details on any warnings or errors.



More information for any log items that are flagged as Warning or Error.



Counter to indicate how many times the log item has been updated, for debugging purposes.




History Tab


The History tab shows a high-level history of indexing actions, such as updates, monitoring etc.






Messages Tab


The Messages tab shows recent messages that were produced during indexing actions.








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