Communication Configuration

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Each Search Run instance has the following configuration value:


Max concurrent connections:

Maximum number of possible network connections the Search Run instance can use to manage the remote computers. The minimum number of connections is four.

Max progress checks per minute:

Maximum progress messages that are sent per minute to the group of running remote computers. This option is designed to prevent the network being swamped with an excessive number of progress checks. However, it does mean that as the number of target remote computers in the search grows the frequency of the progress checking for each remote computer reduces.


Administrative Share searches have the following configurable settings:


Max concurrent searches

Maximum number of parallel searches. Once the maximum number has been reached other computers in the list remain in a 'Queued' state until a running search finishes.





Debug Mode

When an error occurs during the running of a search a summary error is written to the Search Log for the given failed search computer. However, if Debug Mode is switched on extended information about the search failure is written to the Application Error Log.


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