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When the 'Run' link is clicked on the Search Criteria window this wizard is launched to specify how the networked computers should be searched.


The wizard comprises of the following pages:


1. Introduction





2. Specify Type




Specify how you want to search the networked computers. The search processing can either be run on the REMOTE computer or on THIS computer.

(For more information on the different types of searches see How It Works.)



3. Run on the REMOTE computer




If you selected the search to run on the REMOTE computer you will then be asked how the Search Agent should be run on the remote computer:

On Demand - The Search Agent is copied to the remote computers and run for the duration of the search and then automatically cleaned up when the search has finished.
Manually Installed - The Search Agent has been manually installed and already running on the remote computers.


If you specified On Demand then you will also be asked for logon credentials.






4. Run on THIS computer




Running on THIS computer means that the search will be via the remote computers network shares. You will need to enter logon credentials to authenticate yourself with the remote computer.



5. Send Search Command




Clicking 'Finish' starts the search and opens the Search Run Results windows to monitor the progress.


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