Search Criteria

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The criteria for a search is specified in the Search Criteria window.




Search criteria is specified using the following tabs:


Main Tab

Most common search criteria options

Expression Tab

Search wide expression options

Size & Date Tab

Size and date filters

Attributes Tab

File attribute filters, e.g. read-only, system etc.

Scripting Tab

Scripting criteria

Documents Tab

Selection of document type extensions that are active for the search

Compressed Files Tab

Selection of compressed/archive file types that will be searched

IFilters Tab

List of IFilters to add or remove from the File Type Extensions Tab

Content Tab

Options for content searching



Target Computers (the list of remote computers to be searched) are specified in the Target Computers lower section.


Once the criteria and target computers has been entered click the 'Run' link to launch the Start Search Wizard, which specifies the search method, sends the search, and then opens the Search Run Results windows to view the progress of the search.

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