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FileLocator Network Search Manager is the main application for sending searches to remote computers and reviewing the results.




Search Criteria


Saved searches are shown in the Search Criteria list (top left pane) and can be opened by double-clicking on them. Alternatively a new search can be created by clicking the 'Create New Search' link, which will open the Search Criteria window.


Recent Searches


The bottom left pane shows the most recent search results. To view a given result double-click it to open the Search Run window.


Target Groups


The Target Group Management window, opened by clicking on the 'Manage Target Groups' link, manages the predefined grouping of computers for easy search targeting.


Security Keys


Clicking on the 'Security Keys' link opens the Security Keys dialog, which allows the modification, importing, or exporting of the security keys.


Search Agent Parameters


Command line parameters for running the Search Agent in TCP/IP mode (i.e. manual installation) can be configured using the Search Agent Parameters Wizard, opened by clicking on the 'Search Agent Parameters' link.


Communication Configuration


Configuration of the network resources available to each Search Run instance are configured by the Configuration dialog, opened by selecting the 'Configure -> Communication Settings...' menu option.



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