Search Agent Parameters Wizard

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When running the Search Agent in TCP/IP mode (i.e. manual installation) the Search Agents must be configured with the correct security settings to ensure smooth communication between the Search Manager and the Search Agent. The Search Agent Parameters Wizards greatly simplifies the Search Agent configuration process.


The wizard comprises the following pages:


1. Introduction





2. Network Port




By default FileLocator Network communicates with the Search Agent on port 4901 (the IANA registered port number for FileLocator Network) but this can be changed to any appropriate value.


Note: The Search Manager uses the same port for all Search Agents, i.e. it is not possible to use a different port for different remote computers.



3. Server IP Address Validation




Before a Search Agent accepts a remote search request it validates the IP address of the request. This page configures the IP address validation for the Search Agent, which by default it sets to the single IP address of the current machine. Options available are:


Allow all

IP address is not validated

Single IP Address (default)

IP address must be a specific IP address

IP Range

IP address must fall into a given IP address range

IP Regular Expression

IP address must match against the given regular expression


To test the IP Address rule use the Test IP Validation area.



4. Install as NT Service




The Search Agent can be run as either a standard Windows console application or installed and run as an NT Service:


NT Service


Search Agent is installed in the Program Files\Mythicsoft\SearchService folder and registered as an NT Service running under the LocalSystem account


Search Agent is run as a console application.



5. Copy Search Agent Executable




During installation of FileLocator Network the Search Agent executable (searchagent.exe) is installed in the 'redist' subfolder of the main install folder. This page provides a simple method for copying that executable to another location, e.g. on a shared network drive.


6. Search Agent Configuration Parameters




The final page shows the correct configuration parameters for running the Search Agent. The command line can be saved to a batch (.bat) file on a local or shared network drive, or simply copied into the clipboard. The wizard assumes that the Search Agent executable will be in the path but if that's not the case then the "SearchAgent.exe" section will need modification to correctly point to the location of the executable.



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