Searching via Search Agent Process

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When searching via the Search Agent process FileLocator Network instructs a Search Agent process running on the remote computer to run the search and return just the results (see illustration below).



The Search Agent process can be run on demand or installed manually. In either case data is compressed and encrypted before transmission, see the Secure Communication topic for more information


Search Agent Process - On Demand


On Demand configuration is the simplest option for running the Search Agent process, although it does require write access to the administrative shares on each remote computer. For every search request FileLocator Network:

1. Copies the Search Agent process to the remote machine via an administrative share.

2. Runs the search through the Search Agent process.

3. Collects the results.

4. Stops and then deletes the Search Agent process and any temporary files.


Windows Firewall, in its default configuration, will not normally cause any problems with the Search Agent communication since it uses a method of authenticated inter-process communication (IPC) called named pipes.


Search Agent Process - Manual (TCP/IP)


In situations where administrative access to the remote machines is not always available or desirable it is possible to install/run the Search Agent process manually and communicate with it via TCP/IP sockets. To correctly install/run the Search Agent process on a remote machine use the Search Agent Parameters Wizard to configure an installation batch file.





Please see the following sections for more help on the running the Search Agent in TCP/IP mode:


Search Agent Parameters Wizard

Tool for generating the appropriate Search Agent command line parameters.

Running the Search Agent

Information on running and stopping the Search Agent.


Precautions when running the Search Agent via TCP/IP on computers with firewalls.

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