Secure Communication

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When searching via the distributed Search Agent process a secure communication path between the two computers is established using the following steps:


Step 1. The Search Agent process is configured on the remote computer with the public part of the Search Manager's PKCS RSA 1024-bit key.


Step 2. The FileLocator Network Search Manager sends a search command to each target computer.




Step 3. On receiving the search request the Search Agent software on each remote computer verifies the search request has originated from an approved IP address and then verifies that the request has been correctly signed with the Search Manager's PKCS RSA 1024 bit key.


Step 4. The Search Agent then generates a random AES key, encrypts it using the PKCS RSA 1024 bit key and sends it to the Search Manager.



Step 5. All future communication regarding this search request is encrypted using the AES key. All result data is compressed prior to encryption to keep network traffic to a minimum.

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