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The most common search options are shown on the Main Tab.




File name


Specify the expression to filter the files by name. Check the 'Match case' check box to make the filter case-sensitive. Check the 'Not' check box to specify that the expression filter specifies which files to EXCLUDE rather than include. The default Expression Type is DOS Expression.


Containing text


Specify the expression to filter the contents of each file. If this field is empty the contents are not searched at all. Check the 'Match case' check box to make the filter case-sensitive.


If the Expression Type is set to 'File Hash' then the containing text box can include a comma separated list of hash values or a pointer to a file containing a list of hash values, e.g.








The actual algorithm used to calculate the hash, e.g. SHA1, MD5, is specified in the Expression tab.


Default Location


Specify the locations to search. Each location is separated by a semi-colon ';'. To specify locations to exclude from the search pre-fix the location with the '!' character. e.g. to exclude the system32 folder and its sub folders from a search use something like this:



To search a network share name use the format: \ShareName\Folder.


Macros can be used to specify common locations that will be evaluated on each remote computer. e.g.

$(SystemFolder) commonly evaluates to c:\windows\system32


For a list of macros click the 'Advanced...' button to open the Build Location dialog:




Each macro is shown next to an evaluation of that macro on the running machine.


The default Expression Type is Exact Match.


Note: This is the default location for each target computer. The actual search location can be customized in the Target Computers section.


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