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FLNSearch is a command line utlity to run a search on a given set of target computers.


FLNSearch.exe [Switches]




/search:"saved search"

(Required) Name of the search that will be loaded and run.

/addtarget:"host name"

Adds a new target for the search.

/addtargetiprange:"ip range"

Adds a new target IP range for the search. e.g.

/addtargetiprange:" -"

/addtargetfile:"file list"

Adds a new target file list for the search. e.g.


/addtargetnetgroup:"group name"


/file:"file name"

Sets the file name expression to filter the search by. e.g.



Sets the expression type for the file name expression, (Default: dos) e.g.


/containing:"content search"

Sets the expression to look for in each of the files. If an empty value is specified then the files are not content searched.


Sets the expression type for the containing text expression. (Default: bool)

/lookin:"search location"

Sets the location to look in on each machine.


Sets the expression type for the look in expression. (Default: exact)


Specifies whether or not subfolders of the look in folders are also searched.


Specifies the search transport type. For more information on transport types see How it Works.

/user:"user name"

Sets the user name for the search. If an empty value is specified then the search is run as the current user.


Sets the password for the specified user.


Sets the amount of information shown during the search.

None: No information is shown.

Normal: Major search events, such as search started or finished are shown.

Verbose: All search events, including progress details are shown.


FLNSearch works by first loading the search specified by the /search switch and applying any changes from the command line to that search. The changes to the search are only used for the duration of the search and are not saved back against the search.


During the search feedback is presented to the user in the form of information messages. The number of informational messages is defined by the /info switch.




The following example loads the search Main Search, adds a list of targets from a file and sets the search method to Administrative Shares


flnsearch.exe /search:"Main Search" /addtargetfile:"c:\serverlists\one.txt" /transport:adminshare


The actual search criteria has not been modified and so is taken from the saved search's criteria.


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