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While FileLocator Pro can search many popular formats there are many other niche formats that it doesn't know how to convert to text format for searching. However, FileLocator Pro does provide a way to integrate a external programs for converting given formats into text.




Say, for example, a company called ThirdParty has a program that converts files of type .ABC to text, and is run:


 "C:\Program Files\ThirdParty\SomeApp.exe" "E:\Files\" "E:\Out\intro.txt"


To enable FileLocator Pro to use the program to read .ABC files follow these steps:


Step 1. Create an XML file to add the format


Using an editor, like NotePad, create an XML file using the format shown below, replacing the highlighted entries with the appropriate values, e.g.


<?xml version="1.0"?>

<InterpreterConfig xmlns="">




 <setup>"C:\Program Files\ThirdParty\SomeApp.exe" "$(InputFile)" "$(OutputFile)"</setup>










Save the file, e.g. abc.xml.



Step 2. Copy the XML file into the plugin_cfg folder





Step 3. Activate the extension


Make sure Office/PDF documents is checked in the Enhanced/PDF documents section of the Options tab.



Step 4. Test the extension


Run a simple search using a small group of test files.

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