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Boolean Expression


Boolean expression search type defines whether Boolean expressions are matched on a line by line basis or matched across the whole file.


For example "File AND Pro" on a line by line basis would find only lines with both File and Pro on them and therefore only files where File and Pro both occurred on at least one line. However if matching across the whole file the same expression would find files where both File and Pro occurred anywhere in the file either on the same line or on different lines.


The 'Allow wildcards' option specifies whether or not the Boolean expression phrases will treat the characters * or ? as wildcard characters.  For more information see Boolean Expressions.



Email Searching


The Outlook PST and MSG files checkbox switches on .PST and .MSG archive searching. By default only the text of the email body will be searched but if Search attachments is checked email attachments will also be searched.


For more information see Outlook PST Archive Searching and MSG File Searching



Enhanced File Searching


Selecting the 'Office/PDF documents' option instructs FileLocator Pro to perform extra processing of common Office file formats that are registered on the computer. Without this option selected FileLocator Pro will only search through the raw binary data of the file formats (unless the Exclude binary files check box is switched on).


Additional settings for how FileLocator Pro will search document file types is available by clicking the Settings... link which will open the Document Search Settings dialog.


The Exclude binary files option will exclude any files which contain non-printable characters.





Since the extra processing required to read document file formats can be time a time consuming operation FileLocator Pro has a caching feature to temporarily save the processed text in a database. When the caching feature is switched on FileLocator Pro first checks the cache database for the processed text of the file before trying to process the actual file itself resulting in much faster searches. The caching feature can be switched on by checking the Cache text option.


Additional settings for the caching functionality is available by clicking the Cache... link which will open the Cache Settings dialog.




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