MSG File Searching

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MSG file searching is activated through the Options tab.




When activated FileLocator Pro treats MSG files as containers of other files, ie. MSG files become 'virtual' folders. If the 'Search attachments' option has been checked each attachment will appear as a subfolder to the MSG file (the .msg file itself represents the email body).


To export the email and/or attachments to separate files you can copy/paste or drag/drop the required files to a location in Explorer or use the Bulk Copy feature.


Example 1: Searching MSG files by Subject and Contents


The example below shows how the 'File name' field is used to search the email Subject while the 'Containing text' field is used to search the email body. Note that the File name field has been switched to Boolean search for more flexible searching.





Example 2: Searching MSG files for image attachments


This example uses the 'File name' field to search for attachments that are either PNG, JPG, or BMP files. Note the use of a Location Filter to restrict the results to only those files that are attachments of .msg files, ie




Important: Make sure that Search attachments has been checked in the Options Tab.



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