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FileLocator Pro is able to search through all PST archives from the older Outlook 97 right up to the latest versions. Also, since FileLocator Pro 'understands' the actual underlying file format it doesn't require Outlook to be installed and can also bypass the password protection and encryption present on most PST files. However, since FileLocator Pro is not dedicated to searching only PST files it can appear a little confusing as to how PST searching works. The overwhelming temptation is to use the file name field to identify the PST archive, e.g. *.pst, instead of the item within the PST archive, such as an email, that you are looking for.


FileLocator Pro basically treats each individual Outlook item, ie an email, contact, calendar item etc., within a PST file as a separate file. The 'file name' for each item is dependant on the item type, e.g. for email messages the email's subject is used as the file name. So to search a PST file follow these steps:


1. Specify the location of the PST files (or a specific PST file) in the 'Look in' field




The location can include Outlook folders within the PST files.



2. Switch on PST Searching in the Options Tab




Without the PST format switched on the PST archive is treated as a normal file and simply searched using its binary content. If the 'Search attachments' option is checked then the attachments for each email are also searched, otherwise only the main email body is searched.



3. Use the 'File name' field to search by email subject and 'Containing text' to search by email content.




Each result is shown as a text file, which can be copied or dragged to another location. The results can also be explored using the Internal Viewer just like normal results.



Searching multiple PST files


The above example shows how to search through a single PST file but FileLocator Pro can search multiple PST files in a single search. Instead of specifying a single PST file in the Look In field simply specify the folder (or the root of the sub-tree) where the PST files are located. To ensure that only pst files are searched add the location filter +.pst, e.g.




To export the email and/or attachments to separate files you can copy/paste or drag/drop the required files to a location in Explorer or use the Bulk Copy feature.

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