Internal File Viewer

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The Internal Viewer is a read-only display of the found file with the search hits highlighted.





Secondary Search

Allows additional searches of the file to be performed by entering text in the edit box.


Location Bar

Provides an overview of the location of the lines shown in the File Contents in relation to the rest of the file.


File Contents

Displays the file opened at the line that was selected in the Contents View with the found text automatically highlighted.



Content Menu


Additional operations are available through the context menu (right-click menu):



Available commands:


Word Wrap

Toggles word wrap on and off.


Copies the selected text (shown in pale green) into the clipboard. If no text is highlighted then the word at the current cursor position is copied. If the cursor is not on a valid word then the whole line is copied.

Open in External Editor

Opens the file at the current line in the external editor specified in Editor Settings.

Open in Visual Studio

Opens the file at the current line in Visual Studio (if Visual Studio is installed on the machine).

Search Again

Runs the original search again for the highlighted search text.

New Search

Creates a new search window based on the original search but for the highlighted search text.


Performs a secondary search on the currently selected text. If no text selected then the search uses the word at the current cursor position.

Find Next

Moves to the next highlighted hit.

Find Previous

Moves to the previous highlighted hit.

Highlight Original

Toggles the highlighting of the original search hits.

Highlight Current

Toggles the highlighting of the secondary search hits.

Set Font

Selects the font used by the viewer. The default font is Courier New.


Displays the Explorer shell menu for the file.






When a file is first opened the original found text is highlighted. If a secondary search is performed then that is also highlighted but in a different color. Highlighting can be switched on and off by either using the context menu or the short cut combinations Ctrl+Shift+O for original hits and Ctrl+Shift+C for secondary hits.


Where hits from the original and secondary search overlap the hit is highlighted in red.





To move to each of the highlighted hits either use the context menu or press F3 (or Shift+F3 to move backwards). Navigation is always to the next highlighted match independent of whether that was from the original or secondary search. Therefore, to only move through the secondary search hits turn off the highlighting for the original search.


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