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Search settings define how FileLocator Pro searches files.





Search Method


When searching the contents of files FileLocator Pro can operator in one of three modes:




As files are discovered they are added to a queue for immediate search. Files are continually added to the queue and concurrently files are pulled from the queue (in the order they were added) for content searching.



As files are found they are immediately searched. The search does not progress to matching the next file until there is a free content searching thread.



As files are discovered they are added to a queue. Once this queuing/discovery phase has finished the files are content searched. This has the benefit that accurate content searching progress can be shown because the full list is known.


Note: Prior to version 8 this was the default search method.



The Calculate Hit Count option specifies whether or not FileLocator Pro displays the number of hits found within each file in the Hit column in the File List View. When this option is switched OFF FileLocator Pro may search files in 'Just In Time' (JIT) search mode.


JIT searching only searches enough of the file to decide whether or not it is a valid result and not necessarily the whole file. The last search position in the file is recorded and the file is only completely searched when the full results are required for display or export. This can be useful for searching very large files where the full results aren't necessarily required.


Containing Text


To include the file name and/or path in the content search use the Include file name in content search or Include folder path in content search options, otherwise only the content of the file is used for searching.



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