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Display settings control how FileLocator Pro displays results.




Display Lines


Max displayed lines per file

Limits the number of lines that will be returned per file, to avoid errant searches on very large file consuming too much memory. The default is 10,000 lines.


Limit the maximum characters displayed per line

When checked, limits the number of characters displayed in the Contents View for each line (the abbreviated line is centered around the found text on the line).


If not checked the full line, as defined in the Character Processing Settings, is displayed.



Surrounding lines


Sets the number of surrounding lines stored for each found line. Surrounding lines are shown in the Contents View pane and can be seen by clicking on the '+' expand icon next to the found line.


The settings only effects new searches so old searches will continue to display the surrounding lines previously recorded.



File path display preference


When FileLocator Pro displays file paths there are several display options for when the path doesn't fit in the available space. For example, the sample path:


C:\Program Files\Mythicsoft\FileLocator Pro\FileLocatorPro.exe


if display space was limited should be displayed as:


Truncation method

File List View

Contents View

Don't truncate

C:\Program Files\Mythics...

C:\Program Files\Mythicsoft\FileLocator Pro\FileLocatorPro.exe


Truncate start

...Mythicsoft\FileLocator Pro

...soft\FileLocator Pro\FileLocatorPro.exe


Truncate middle

C:\...soft\FileLocator Pro

C:\...\FileLocator Pro\FileLocatorPro.exe


Truncate end

C:\Program Files\Mythics...

C:\Program Files\My...\FileLocatorPro.exe





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