Sessions, Workspaces and Search Criteria

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Agent Ransack allows search data to be exported in a number of different ways but while the Export Results and Reports functionality is useful for exporting to common formats, such as Text, CSV, and HTML, these formats can't be used to reload search data back into the application. For that Agent Ransack has three different save options: Search Criteria, Sessions, and Workspaces.


Search Criteria


The simplest save option (and the one used by the Favorites functionality) is to save just the Search Criteria using the File -> Save Criteria menu option. The resulting SRF file can be used to load Agent Ransack's search criteria fields.


Note: The SRF file also contains the configuration settings at the time of the save but these are not normally re-applied when the SRF file is loaded. However, by using the command line switch '-pc' the current configuration can be reset to configuration settings at the same of the save.





A single search tab is referred to as a Session and can be saved using the File -> Save Search menu option. The resulting FLSX file contains the search criteria and search results for not just the current search but also the search history for that search tab (if specified).







A Workspace consists of all the search Sessions and can be saved use the File -> Save Workspace menu option. The resulting FLWX file contains the search criteria and search results for all the specified search sessions.



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