- $ -

$ (End of string)

- ( -

(...) Group

- * -

* (Occurrence character)

- . -

. (Wildcard character)

- ? -

? (Occurrence character)

- [ -

[...] lists

- ^ -

^ (Beginning of string)

- | -

| (OR)

- + -

+ (Occurrence character)

- 7 -

7-bit conversion

- A -

Advanced interface

Agent Ransack

AND (using regular expressions)

AND Boolean expression

Any character

- B -

Basic interface

IconCriteria View
IconBasic Interface

Basics of Regular Expressions

Beginning of string

Begins with

BOM (Byte Object Marker)

Boolean expression

Boolean search

IconOptions tab
IconBasic Interface

Boost regular expression

Byte Object Marker (BOM)

- C -

Clear history

Clear history on exit

Command line

Command line options

Command Separated




IconHints & Tips

Configuration dialog

Configuration file location

Configuration window

Containing Text

Contents options

IconOptions tab
IconBasic Interface

Contents view

Context menu

Context menu settings

Convert to 7-Bit chars

CSV format


- D -

Date/Time Selection Dialog

Difference between Agent Ransack and Agent Ransack

DOS expression

IconAdvanced Interface
IconExpression Types

DOS Expressions

Drop down list settings

- E -

End Of Line (EOL) settings



End of string

Ends with

Enhanced Document Searching

IconOptions tab
IconBasic Interface

Escape character

Example escape character

Example using $

Example using (...)

Example using .

Example using [...]

Example using ^

Example using |

Examples for occurrence characters

Exclude expression

Expert user

Export Results

Expression Types

Expression Wizard

- F -

File contents

File list view

File name options

IconOptions tab
IconBasic Interface

File save

Folder settings

Followed by

- G -

Getting started


- H -

Hiding contents view

History settings

How do you use Agent Ransack

- I -


Introduction to Regular Expressions

- K -

Knowledge base

- L -

List of special characters used in Regular Expression


Load last search on startup

Log file location

Long line processing settings

Look in

- M -

Mac files

Main Tab

Match case

IconOptions tab
IconBasic Interface

Max End of Line settings

Multiple file types

Multiple folders

IconAdvanced Interface
IconHints & Tips

- N -

NOT Boolean expression

- O -

Occurrence characters

One Phase Searching

Options Tab

IconOptions tab
IconBasic Interface


OR Boolean expression

- P -

Perl regular expressions


- Q -


Quick start

- R -


Regular Expression (Boost/Perl)

Regular Expression basics

Regular Expression Introduction

Regular expression setting

IconOptions tab
IconBasic Interface

Right click

- S -

Save Results


Search Wizard

Searching directly to file

Shell integration

IconHints & Tips
IconShell Integration Settings

Special characters

Special characters used in Regular Expressions


SRF file association

- T -

Testing regular expression

- U -

Unicode Support

Unix End of Line settings

Unix files

- V -

Viewing file contents

- W -


What is a Regular Expression?

What's next?

Wildcard character (Regular expressions)

Windows Shell

Word wrapping